We’re thrilled to release our first album, ‘Ventricular Beats’ inspired by the soundtrack to our feature film Tiger Raid. Composed by Dean Valentine, the album is a bold foray into foreboding electronica on a grand scale. 

Ventricular Beats is haunting and immersive, echoing the vast emptiness of the war-torn desert landscape in which Tiger Raid is set. 

“The desert heat in Jordan established the feel of the music. There are amazing rock formations there, and I imagined the sound blowing off them into the wind. The sound is going off into the desert, and everything is covered in grit, silt, and distortion,” says Valentine.

The album is available as a nine-track, limited-edition vinyl LP. And as so much incredible music was created for the project, we’re also releasing five additional tracks in the fourteen track digital version.

Available on Vinyl LP, APPLE MUSIC, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play Music and other major digital platforms NOW.